Hints You Are About To Make A Leadership Mistake


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Any leader can tell you about the exhilarating feeling of the thrill of victory when a plan comes together and even exceeds your wildest imagination.  But on the flip side, every leader knows the agony of defeat when you realize you have made a colossal leadership mistake,and the lasting repercussions a mistake may have.

I want to give you 7 hints you’re about to make the wrong decision as a leader

1. It’s An Easy Decision.  Of course some decisions are easy to make. Most aren’t. Especially major decisions.  I have learned the hard way that some decisions require prayer,  counseling and advice from others, weighing through the options, and considering the cost.  Making hard decisions is actually where we need leadership most. If everything is easy – you don’t really need a leader

2.  You Are Making the Decision Alone.  Some of the worse decisions I have ever made, were made alone.  “In the multitude of counselors plans are established.” (Proverbs 15:22)   There are people who have done the very thing I am seeking to do.  They are been there done that people.  They know the pitfalls and even in some cases the shortcuts.  Others see things and consider things we may not see in our own solo perspective.  There is a certain comfort level in shared ownership.

3.  The Decision Makes Everyone Happy.  Chances are you’re settling for less than best if everyone is happy. The best decisions almost never please everyone.  They involve change and sacrifice. Change is uncomfortable for someone – always – and seldom universally accepted.  This doesn’t mean you don’t attempt to bring the most people into agreement with the change. If you don’t you won’t have followers for long. But, you should base the final decision not as much on what is popular as much as what is right. This requires the hard work of leadership.

4.  I Am Making the Decision too Quickly.  Some decisions – especially the major ones – need time to gel in your mind and heart. Most major decisions need a good nights sleep – or several. If you’re being rushed into the decision, you’ll likely make some mistakes.  Whenever possible, though, give the process adequate time.

5.  I Am Making the Decision too Slowly.  The opposite is true also. some decisions just need to be made,  even without having all the answers. I’ve been guilty of missing opportunities because I got locked in decision paralysis and didn’t make the call I already knew I should make.  Honestly, I slow up it’s because I know the reaction to the decision will not be popular.

6.  I’m Going Against My Closest Advisors.  Not only do I need to invite others into the decision-making process – I need to heed the people’s advice I invite.  This is another lesson I’ve learned the hard way.  Again, as a leader, there have been a few times I had to make decisions no one else could see at the time – but, those were always times I was confident God was calling me to do something.  I depend on the wisdom of collective voices.

7.  My Gut Tells Me Otherwise.  You have a gut for a reason. Most likely it was developed over years of experience.  Don’t ignore it.


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