Pastor Brian is the Senior Pastor of the Berkeley Mt. Zion Church where he preaches and teaches every week. Come share with us at one of our Sunday Morning Services (8am & 11:30am)  or on Wednesdays at 7pm for our 90 Minute Experience.  Or Come share with us at one of the following events:




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BookCover Every preacher, public speaker, teacher, and writer knows the value of a well placed and powerful illustration, to help bring light and understanding. But it can become very challenging to find fresh, compelling, and relevant illustrations every week. I am confident that the illustrations compiled here will help with your challenge and search. I have used many of the illustrations personally, so I know they connect! Each illustration has been given a Topic Tag. Topics are arranged alphabetically for easy selection in the index. There is also a 90 day devotional using many of the featured illustrations. So go forward and make a great connection. Your audience is waiting!

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