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I have a friend who recently bought a new luxury car. Of course he was excited and proud of his new car and wanted to pick me up for a ride. Because it was a luxury car it possessed features that most cars did not have. When I got in the car I noticed the dashboard was lit up like a Christmas tree. The seats felt as if they were contoured just for me. The car drove smooth as silk. I was siting and enjoying the ride. Looking around the car, I began to inquire about how other features in the car worked. “What is this for? Or what does this do? Only to hear him reply, “Oh I don’t know!”I grabbed the owners manual out of the glove compartment, and begin to tell him how other features worked. Though he possessed other features that could enhance his drive he was not using them. As I began to point out certain features he kept saying “Oh! I didn’t know that.”Or Wow! I didn’t know I could do that!”The car was designed to do so much more, but my friend was unaware and as a result he was not using the car to its fullest capacity.

Many of us live our lives the way my friend handled his car. We “drive”through life, but never really discover and tap into our potential. Unfortunately neglecting all the God given “features”that are unique about you. One of the greatest feelings and forces in the world is when you unleash your passion and give your gift to the world. This site is designed to help you discover and activate all your “features.”Not just through inspiration, but with relevant information to give you the “how to”steps to reach your maximum capacity.

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BookCover Every preacher, public speaker, teacher, and writer knows the value of a well placed and powerful illustration, to help bring light and understanding. But it can become very challenging to find fresh, compelling, and relevant illustrations every week. I am confident that the illustrations compiled here will help with your challenge and search. I have used many of the illustrations personally, so I know they connect! Each illustration has been given a Topic Tag. Topics are arranged alphabetically for easy selection in the index. There is also a 90 day devotional using many of the featured illustrations. So go forward and make a great connection. Your audience is waiting!

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