Benefits of Being A Quiet Person



I have spent years battling my quiet temperament.  If I had a dollar for every time someone asked why I was so quiet I would be a millionaire.   I also spent years trying to become the extrovert that everyone wanted me to be.  It was not until I learned exactly what an introvert is,  that I begin to appreciate the natural strengths that quiet people possessed.  It was then that I was able to embrace the person I was.

In a world that often values extroverted chatty communication skills and busyness.  Characteristics in which quiet people excel are often overlooked and forgotten.  However,  these characteristics hold alot of value. Here are 6 characteristics in which quiet people shine.

1.  Quiet people know how to really listen.
It has been said that people listen to you with your eyes.   Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a conversation  and notice a glazed look in their eyes of the person you are talking to?  Realizing  that they are not really listening to the words you are speaking?  In a world that rarely stops talking, enter quiet people listening with quiet intensity to every word you speak.

2.  Quiet people are keen observers. They don’t miss much.
Quiet people, who spend less time chatting, have more energy to invest towards observing situations and people. Ask a quiet person their thoughts on a situation and you may be surprised to receive an extremely reflective, insightful and thorough answer. Less talking translates to more reflecting and observing.

3.  Quiet people think before they speak.
Bob Newhart is quoted saying ““I am a minimalist. I like saying the most with the least.”  Ever notice when engaging in a discussion,  the quiet man or woman in the group, who hardly ever speaks suddenly interjects.  It seems as if the whole room listens. With less time spent talking, quiet people have the time to really think before they speak.  They take the time to make sure that what they are saying has true substance.

4.  Quiet people are approachable.
Quiet people are often viewed as fantastic confidants,  because of their quiet, relaxed temperament, They are respected for their good listening skills, calm temperament, and cautious words.

5.  Alone time = great productivity
Many quiet people are also introverts, who become charged from alone time. Free from the distractions that often come from being around people all day long, quiet people are able to accomplish a lot with their quiet focus.

6. Quiet people rarely intimidate others.
With their lack of loud words and exaggerated actions, quiet people rarely offend others in their presence. It’s rare to see a quiet friend speak rashly, or a quiet co-worker reprimand a boss. Because they don’t intimidate others in their presence, they often make others feel at ease.


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