Things You May Not Know About Your Pastor Part 1


Pastoring is a unique vocation and calling.  But pastors can really be misunderstood. Even people who have been in church for a significant length of time may not really know some things about their pastor.

Here are 5 random things to know about pastors.

I know these to be true for me, but I suspect they may be true for your pastor as well.

 1.  Sunday is not the only day we work – Honestly! Believe it or not we work long days and put in long hours.  The unique thing about what we do is that the work is relentless.  It never ends.  There is always SOMETHING to do or claim our attention.  Even when  we are off,  out of town, or even on vacation.  We are still working.

2.   Even though we are preaching/teaching it – we may not  have mastered it – We try our best to teach and preach the very Word of God.  However,  remember your pastor is still a work in progress too.  The same principles that we teach,  in some cases we are also trying to put in operation in our own lives.  Though we are the under shepherds,  we are still a sheep as well.

3.  If you tell us something on Sunday morning – you probably should back it up with an email or call to remind us – To be honest on Sundays we are thinking about so many things.  People are requesting so many things of us.  After your request.  Someone else comes and voices yet another request, and still yet another.  Our members expect us to remember it all.  But guess what?  We have a tendency to forget what we are told.  Doesn’t mean we don’t care,  just means we need to be reminded.  So please remind us.

4.  Your story probably won’t surprise us –  We are never callous towards it, but we have probably heard similar or worse. And we are still going to love you.  So never hesitate to talk to your pastor is you are led to.

5.  The larger the church gets – the less we may know about a lot of things –  But, this can be true of any church size where other people are empowered to lead. Ask your pastor anything.  They may or may not have an answer.  Sometimes, however, you save both of us time if you contact the staff member, the ministry leader,  or volunteer leader more likely to know.  It moves the church from being pastor centered to pastor driven.


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